Tempcast Live! 002

by dsiso on June 5, 2012

Edited Video coming tomorrow

That is right, a new episode of the Grammy-nominated Tempcast Live! show! Tonight we will be breifly discussing out thoughts on the announcements made at E3 thus far (Nintendo’s pre-show, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and Sony). We will also be experimenting with Google+’s Hangout feature, so there will be video streaming of your lovely hosts! The show will be broadcast on Youtube (link will be provided 20 minutes before the stream starts), so anyone will be able to watch it, but you will need Google+ in order to join the show. You can find our Google+ page by clicking here.

We will be broadcasting Monday, June 4 2011 at 11PM EST. Click on the link for your local time.

Just some rules though:

1) Please test your audio before you come on, and don’t forget to mute the stream! We don’t want echo coming in!
2) I’ll explain this on the show, but the process to get on is Tempcast page on Google+, sending me a message that you want to join with your e-mail address of your G+ account, and me adding you.
3) Even if you don’t speak English well, you should come on! We let iFish on, you can’t be much worse!

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