Tempmas 2011 – Week 3 results!

by dsiso on December 22, 2011

Tempmas 2011 Week 3 Results!

28 members submitted their delicious banquet entries for the week three Tempmas 2011 cooking competition – All the staff voted their 3 favorite meals and we are pleased to announced you the winners:
  • Eerpow wins the FIRST prize with his entry! (A 3DS of your colour/region choice)
  • Sinbatsu wins the second prize with his entry! (official GBAtemp t-shirt + old-school GBAtemp style mug)
  • Cyan wins the third prize with his entry! (official GBAtemp magic mug)
We encourage the users to check all the other edible entries in the Tempmas Week 3 topic, or here (10MB pack with all participants’ final entries).

Winners, please get in touch with Costello to receive your prizes. Thank you to everyone else who participated, and for users who couldn’t cook or can’t draw for Tempmas week 4 competition, do not worry: There is still one more competition to come!

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