Tempmas 2011 – Week 4!

by dsiso on December 21, 2011

Congratulations to all who entered the Week 3 contest, you guys did a fantastic job and we are having a hard time voting for the top 3 entries. We apologize: the results will be announced in a couple of days, so stay tuned – especially if you entered.
But let’s go for another round of fun: Tempmas Week 4! What we’re asking you this week is to design a Christmas/Tempmas themed card (by card, we mean a simple JPG/PNG non-animated image). The winner, on top of getting the first prize from the list below, will have their entry shown on our homepage for the annual Christmas greeting thread. Check the rules for this week:
  • The card must contain the words “Tempmas 2011” with your username somewhere
  • The image you submit must be a non-animated JPG/PNG image. Post it in this very thread.
  • Keep the source project file (PSD, PSP, etc.) as we may ask you to send it if you win.
  • Your entry must be submitted as a reply to this thread, submit your entry between now and the 24th of December, 23:59 GMT.
1x Nintendo 3DS Console+Zelda OOT Bundle / OR / 1x Nintendo 3DS Console+Mario 3DS Land Bundle
Second prize: Ultimate Bundle on our merchandise store
Third Prize: official GBAtemp t-shirt + mousepad
Our awesome partner Etcome has kindly accepted to sponsor our competition and supplied us with awesome prizes. Make sure to get your gaming accessories from them next time you consider purchasing stuff online!
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