TempTalk 3: The Future of Handhelds

by dsiso on September 29, 2011


Topic: The Future of Handhelds
Hosts: MR_COW, Terminator02, and personuser
Recorded: September 28, 2011


Music – Intro: Giving Up the Gun(Subwoofer Special)
Outro: Mr. Brightside(Doctor Octoroc)

Art – Wabsta

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Hello there! This week we discuss our thoughts on how the future of the handheld market will play out. We also got user submissions, so thanks to TCJJ and Kyrodon for their text submissions and BloodWolfJW for his audio submissions!

Next’s week’s topic will be Piracy! This topic is super broad, but some of the things we will be talking about are the history of Piracy, the effectiveness of DRM, and your thoughts on how Piracy effects all forms of media(movies, music, games). If the show goes too long, which is a very big possibility, we may do this topic for the next two weeks. Have an opinion? Let us know! The two ways of submitting are:

1) Sending us a voice clip. Keep it short, under 4-5 minutes preferably. You can either send an mp3 file of any quality to temptalkshow[at]gmail[dot]com, or send one
through Vocaroo. Try to make it as good quality as possible, I can’t use it if it poor sounding. Also, your english does not have to
be the best! Foreigners welcome and I’d love to hear some of our non-American listeners.

2) Reply to this thread with something you’d like us to read on the show!

I’ll post a reminder thread in a week, I hope to hear as many of you as possible. The submission deadline is October 8, 2011. Anything sent after that might be added if I get it before we record, but I can’t guarantee it.

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