The Weekly Temp 15: Fish Impersonation

by dsiso on December 5, 2011

Join Terminator02, iFish, Rydian, and Chikaku-Chan as they talk about the proper method for listening to the podcast, iFish talks about his baseless opinions, and Chikaku plays Terraria.

Sorry for be released a day late, feel free to blame Chikaku and iFish for taking forever to send in their audio.

Playstation Vita memory cards priced
Big November 3DS update delayed till Dec 8th
Xenoblade Chronicles Coming to USA! Gamestop Exclusive
Skyrim v1.2
PS3 v4.00 Firmware Update
Circle Pad Bundled with Resident Evil Revelations
Ninja Gaiden Sigma Vita Confirmed
Terraria 1.1 released, $2.50
Minecraft being developed by Jeb nao

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