The Weekly Temp 2: It’s Called An Incentive

by dsiso on September 3, 2011

Terminator02, iFish, MR_COW, and Ace Faith talk about, you guessed it, the news.

Samsung will never purchase WebOS
Samsung Droid Prime coming to Verizon
Netflix loses Starz Play deal
iTunes Match beta released
Ambassador NES Games available
3DS web browser sourcecode released
RealHostStuff accidently sells fake Acekard 2is
The 360 Reset Glitch Hack
PSP 09g downgraded to 6.20
PS3 Full 3.40 SDK leaked
Pokemon GBAtemp Black & White
Rollercoaster Tycoon for 3DS
Tetris: Axis for 3DS
Disney Working on Epic Mickey 2
Professor Layton & The Last Spector
Sony Announcing new games at Tokyo Game Show

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Gh0sti has been able to snatch up some iOS codes for free apps, 5 for Shazam Encore, and 4 for SPY Mouse.

We will be giving one of these away to each email that we recieve at our email (theweeklytemp (AT) gmail (DOT) com) that we like enough to read and respond to on the show.

We will contact you after the show with your email goes live, and we’ll ask you which app you would like to recieve.

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