The Weekly Temp 45: How Do I English?

by dsiso on July 8, 2012

Terminator02, iFish, and Urza discuss comedians, differing opinions, and tragedies along with the usual news of the week.

Walking Dead First-Person Action Game
Diablo III endgame
Sony Computer Entertainment buys Gaikai for $380 million
PlayStation 3 4000 series SKU, the CECH-4001x
EU Court Rules That Downloadable Software Can Be Resold
Ouya: The $99, Hackable Android Cube
Nexus Q
Unified account system confirmed for the 3DS
Galaxy Nexus Injunction
Windows 8 Pro upgrade promotion for $39.99 online, $69.99 in stores

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In this recording you can talk about any one subject you want for a few minutes. The subject line must be “Tempcast Tryout”, and you must state what shows you’d be interested in guesting on in the email. We will listen to this recording to determine your mic quality, charisma, insight, and so one, so make it good.

If your submission is good enough we might even use it as a segment on Tempcast Live!

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