The Weekly Temp 49: F2P

by dsiso on August 13, 2012

Urza, MR_COW, Terminator02, and EMP Knightmare discuss the news of last week with a laggy Skype connection and a new face.

1:58 What We Did This Week
19:10 Software on Steam
24:50 GameStop exploring digital game resales
28:25 3DS XL sells 200,000+ units in Japan
30:42 Zynga copies The Sims Social, EA sues
36:12 DayZ standalone announced
38:50 compromised
41:55 Google to begin punishing pirate sites
48:10 Playstation 2 compatibility enabled for all hacked PS3 models
51:08 PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Public Beta This Fall
57:00 Star Wars: The Old Republic going f2p
1:00:10 Our Top 3 Free To Play Games

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Music by: RushJet1

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