ZXDS v0.9.3 Beta 1

by dsiso on March 21, 2012

ZXDS, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator made by Patrik Rak, has been updated to version 0.9.3 beta 1. See below for the list changes, and be sure to check out the project page and developer’s blog for more details about this emulator’s progress.

QUOTE: Change Log 03/17/12
  • Proper save requester, including support for basic file management operations.
  • Alternate between two different directories by tapping the save/load file icon again.
  • Quickly switch models in load requester with various L/R+X combinations.
  • Risky operations now use confirmation requesters.
  • It is now possible to step the emulation frame by frame.
  • Added pouet.net and Tipshop pokes library to servers.cfg.
  • Implemented HTTP redirects, required by some pouet.net sites.
    • Directly poke decimal, hexadecimal, or binary values in the data dump view.
  • Switched to PNG for background and icon graphics. The BMP support remains,
    but note that some names have changed – check skins/readme.txt for details.
  • Augmented the 128k keyboard graphics with symbol characters. Thanks, Paddy.
  • The selected keyboard is now saved to the config file.
  • Distinguish the load and save slot screens with colored slot frames.
  • Disable the keyboard matrix effect during multiplayer session.
    It is often difficult enough to configure the controls even without it.
  • Switching to maximum speed while loading tapes in fast mode now disables
    the display updates entirely. Handy for slight speed boost if you feel desperate.
  • Other subtle changes (nicer boot message, increased cheat poke limit).
  • Fixed loading of Pentagon SZX files (ROM paging, step direction).
  • Minor bugfixes (libfat mkdir and aliasing, ZIP long name skipping).

    ! Happy birthday, ZXDS.

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